This cover is another great example of the work that publisher Tom Doherty Associates is doing for me in presenting my novels. Like its forerunners--both Shadow of Ashland and A Witness to Life--St. Patrick's Bed has a basis in my own family history. As with those books, I was asked to submit some family photos to their Art Department in an attempt to come up with a cover. What you see is the result.

Bottom right is an old photo of (r. to l.) my father, brother Ron, sister Anne, my mother, my father's sister Loretta, and my cousin Jacquie (my father's sister Berna's daughter), all seated on the running board of the car packed for summer vacation at Port Dover, Ontario, on Lake Erie, probably 1934.

Centre is a photo of my father's sister Eleanor and her husband, Tommy Weatherell, again, circa 1934.

The background is a photo I took of a visit to St. Patrick's Well and Bed, County Galway, Ireland,  in May, 2000. That's a statue of St. Patrick (upper left) overlooking his domain.

If you read the novel, come back and read this Behind the Scenes information. You'll enjoy it even more.