Articles, interviews, reviews, poetry, short stories published in magazines, journals and newspapers, such as

The Globe and Mail (reviews, 1988-2003)
Books In Canada (multiple reviews, interviews, plus cover article January 1981 and feature article March 1993)
Canadian Fiction Magazine
The New York Review of Science Fiction
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine
The Twilight Zone
Leisure Ways


Fiction published in Anthologies:

The Danforth Review (online journal),, issue #24, September 2008
Autocondo (online), September, 2008

Over the Edge, ed. by R. Sawyer & P. Sellers (Pottersfield Press, Canada, 2000)
Crossing the Line, ed. by R. Sawyer & D. Skene-Melvin (Pottersfield Press, Canada, 1998)
Northern Stars, ed. by David G. Hartwell & Glenn Grant (Tor Books, NY, 1994)
Northern Frights, ed. by Don Hutchison (Mosaic Press, Canada, 1992)
Ark of Ice ed. by Lesley Choyce (Pottersfield Press, Canada, 1992)
Tesseracts, ed. by Judith Merril (Porcepic Books, Canada, 1985)
Tesseracts 2, ed. by Phyllis Gotlieb & Douglas Barbour (Porcepic Books, Canada, 1987)
The Writer's Voice 2 (Methuen, Canada, 1985)
Aurora: New Canadian Writing 1979, ed. by Morris Wolfe (Doubleday Canada, 1979)
Alien Worlds (Cory & Collins, Australia, 1979)
Other Worlds (Cory & Collins, Australia, 1978)

Essays and Interviews published in Anthologies:

Out of this World, compiled by Andrea Paradis (Quarry Press/National Library of Canada, 1995)
                               [contains the essay "Family, Identity, and Speculative Fiction" pp. 105-112]
Conversations With Robertson Davies, ed. by J. Madison Davis (University Press of Missippi, 1989)
                             [contains 2 interviews with Davies: "Beyond the Visible World" pp.220-231, and
                                                                                    "The World of the Occult" pp. 232-235]
Dark Visions, ed. by John Robert Colombo (Hounslow Press, Canada, 1992)
                             [contains the interview with Robertson Davies "Reading the Stars" pp. 188-190]

+ Introduction to Phyllis Gotlieb's 1964 novel Sunburst, reissued by Bakka Books/Insomniac Press, Canada, 2000

The following short stories have appeared in these places:

The following collaborative stories with Andrew Weiner have appeared in:


My own short story collection, The Woman Who is the Midnight Wind (Pottersfield Press, Canada, 1987), contains the 10 stories: