Canadian Author


"a lyrical, contemplative writer"
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

"Terence M. Green... a writer in the tradition of Ray Bradbury and Theodore Sturgeon,
a deeply humanistic student of character"
 The Edmonton Journal

"ranking among the best in Canadian literature... one of Toronto's finest writers"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Terence Green, a deft storyteller"

The Atlanta Constitution: "he writes with a real and rare sympathy for his characters"

Margaret Cannon in The Globe and Mail: "Terence M. Green, one of my favorite authors and too little seen to suit me"

Books In Canada: "expect the unexpected from Green"

Western News: "a vividly rich grasp of human relations"

The Kingston Whig-Standard: "a talented writer from whom we will no doubt hear more"

Andrew Weiner (Author of This is the Year Zero, etc.): "Green is a literary alchemist, spinning gold from the dross
of everyday life... a writer who could turn a shopping list into a haiku."

The Ottawa Citizen: "Terence Green is a wonderfully evocative writer... he deserves to be much more widely read"

Ian Lancashire (Professor Emeritus of English, University of Toronto): "among the finest and most unjustly neglected
of Canadian novelists... Do not make the mistake of thinking Green's works 'genre fiction.' They belong on everyone's shelves."

The acclaimed Ashland saga, newly available from
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Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Department of English and Writing Studies
Creative Writing
(September, 2005-)

Mohawk College
Hamilton, Ontario

Author of 8 books (7 novels and a short story collection),
recipient of a total of 9 Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council
and Toronto Arts Council grants for fiction writing,
2-time World Fantasy Award finalist,
5-time Prix Aurora Award finalist,
with work translated into French, Italian, Danish, Polish and Portuguese.
Profiled in Contemporary Authors (10,000 word entry), The Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature,
Canadian Who's Who, The Dictionary of Literary Biography and Books in Canada.
Praised in The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle,
The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Ottawa Citizen, The Atlanta Constitution,
novel Shadow of Ashland (more than 1/4 million printed) selected as
 a "Top 3 Fiction Pick of the Year" by The Edmonton Journal (Jan. 11, 1997)
and "The Book You Have To Read" by Entertainment Weekly (Sept. 26, 2003) [circ: 1.6 million].

 (May 22, 2020)

The Ashland trilogy of novels 
(Shadow of Ashland, A Witness to Life, St. Patrick's Bed)
 now available as eBooks & Audiobooks
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"everydayness raised to the level of literary extraordinary."
- Western News
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"Terry Green... certainly one of Canada's finest writers"
 Charles de Lint
(Nebula nominated novelist, and author of  World Fantasy Award Winner Moonlight and Vines, etc.)
"Each time I think Terence Green couldn't possibly do better, he simply writes another novel. The power, the originality, and the feeling in his novels is that of a master novelist, possibly the best writer I know."
J. Madison Davis
(Novelist and Senior Professor, Professional Writing Program, University of Oklahoma,
 author of Edgar Award nominated The Murder of Frau Schutz, etc.)

"Terence Green's science fiction is quintessentially Canadian, with its graceful focus on characterization, its rhetorical understatement, its placing of characters in a complex social environment, as well as its refusal to explore techhnology for its own sake alone."
- Douglas Barbour (Professor Emeritus of English, University of Alberta)
St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers
Terence M. Green
St. Patrick's BedA Witness to LifeShadow of AshlandBlue LimboChildren of the RainbowBarking DogsThe Woman Who is the Midnight Wind


"a snappy time-travelling nuclear bomb thriller
featuring Greenpeace, Inca magic and French bomb-testing."
- The Globe and Mail
Saturday, December 9, 2006

"entertaining and deeply moving"
- Western News
February 15, 2007

"It reminded me of Gulliver's Travels and Stranger in a Strange Land...
Green's writing is a beautiful thing, ranking among the best in Canadian literature...
It is a wonderful, wise and emotional novel by one of Toronto's finest writers."
Sunday, April 8, 2007

"Not since Papillon have the horrors of penal colonies been so vividly portrayed...
A gripping read... While the story may have science fiction elements to it,
it's the human drama and Green's elegant prose that carry the day."
- Andy's Anachronisms

"The book is both satiric and moving."
- The Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature

Author Profile
Sailing Time's Ocean
Robert J. Sawyer Books


Sailing Time's Ocean(Red Deer/Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Canada, 2006)
St. Patrick's Bed (Forge Books, NY, 2001; Open Road Media, NY, 2014)
A Witness to Life (Forge Books, NY, 1999; Open Road Media, NY, 2014)
Blue Limbo (Tor Books, NY, 1997; Arc Manor/PhoenixPick, 2009)
Shadow of Ashland (Forge Books, NY, 1996; Open Road Media, NY, 2014)
Children of the Rainbow(McClelland & Stewart, Canada, 1992)
Barking Dogs (St. Martin's Press, NY, 1988; Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick, 2010)

Short Story Collection

The Woman Who is the Midnight Wind (Pottersfield Press, Canada, 1987)

Forge Books and Tor Books
(mentioned above and below)
are imprints of
Tom Doherty Associates,
owned and distributed by
St. Martin's Press,
175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY
10010 USA

(10,000 words)
Contemporary Authors
(updates: 2008; 2010)

St. Patrick's Bed

the long-awaited sequel to Shadow of Ashland
published by Forge Books (Tom Doherty Associates, NY),
(Canadian Distributor: H.B. Fenn & Co. Ltd.)

hardcover, 1st edition (2001) ISBN 0-765-30043-5:

trade paperback (2002)  ISBN 0-765-30044-3:

The Globe and Mail: "(a) modern ghost story... 
Green expertly commingles the mythical past with the hard truths of the present in Leo Nolan's aspiration to be a good father and a good son in this heartfelt novel... It takes a special writer to delineate the complexities of blood kinship while maintaining the reader's sympathy for each character."

Charles de Lint (F&SF): "deeply satisfying... will appeal to a wide readership, 
one I hope he achieves. One he deserves to achieve."

Midwest Book Review: "an exultant relationship drama that fans of contemporary tales will enjoy."

The Danforth Review: "deeply heartfelt... the ending of this book was like a large blast of fireworks."

Bruce Gillespie (editor, SF Commentary, in *brg*): "St Patrick's Bed...  has a natty ghost story hidden in it, but at heart it's an ambitious book about the most interesting subject of all: how best can we live, given the limited choices offered to most of us?... The temptation is to read this as a simple book, but its multiple echoes and possibilities give it an epic scope. At 220 pages, St. Patrick's Bed is one of few recent novels that has the right length."

Dayton Daily News: "the book is genuine" "wonderful""St. Patrick's Bed is a gem"

For an advance look at the novel (Chapter One),

For Behind the Scenes
information regarding the
St. Patrick's Bed

AUTOGRAPHED COPIES of  books are available for purchase by contacting author via E-Mail 
(beneath photo above)

A Witness to Life *
(Forge Books, NY, 1999)(Cdn Distributor:
hardcover, 1st edition:          H.B. Fenn & Co. Ltd)

trade paperback (2000):
$US12.95                           ISBN: 0-312-87300-X


                         World Fantasy Award Finalist

A Witness to Life
Kirkus Reviews: "A phenomenal idea, like applying the detail of Joyce's Dublin or the techniques of Dos Passos's USA to a single family."

Booklist: "profoundly moving... well paced and beautifully written... readers will feel that their spirit has... found something precious they didn't even know they were looking for."

Publishers Weekly: "Green's prose is sure and smooth, and the story is poignant."

The Toronto Star: "a beautiful novel about death, memory and search for meaning in family relationships."

Sunday Sun-Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale): "a historical novel with elements of magical realism, an imaginative reconstruction of the life of a real person... rich in period detail."

Dallas Morning News: "Mr. Green's remembrance of things past becomes an emotionally charged experience that will not soon be forgotten."

The Edmonton Journal: "compassionate and understated narration... a moving vision of the way life used to be lived... it indicates the magic of the everyday, and the necessity of recognizing that magic while we can."

The Denver Post: "A multigenerational family saga told by a most unusual narrator... Chapter headings feature quotes from Thomas Merton in this surrealistic tale of defining moments and hidden patterns in human life."

The Globe & Mail: "Green's Joycean celebration of Toronto is worth a shelf full of histories. It comes alive in a way only the best fiction can, allowing the reader to be a witness to the life of Martin Radey and the city he called home."

      **Globe & Mail Paperback Pick

 The Danforth Review: A Witness to Life now joins the tradition of great Toronto novels, settling beside, among others, Morley Callaghan's works, Hugh Garner's Cabbagetown, Wyndham Lewis' Self-Condemned, Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye, and Michael Ondaatje's In the Skin of the Lion. Green's latest novel does not wither in this company."


*Required Reading, Professional Writing Program, University of Oklahoma

Shadow of Ashland *
(Forge Books, NY, 1996)
hardcover 1st edition:            (Cdn Distributor: 
$US17.95                          H.B. Fenn & Co. Ltd)

trade paperback (2000):
$US12.95                    ISBN: 0-312-87301-8

                                World Fantasy Award Finalist

                                       Aurora Award Finalist

Shadow of Ashland


The Ottawa Citizen: "this elegiac and exquisite  prism of a novel..."

Booklist: "a jewel of a novel."

Library Journal: "a compelling book."

The Courier-Journal (Louisville): "should produce goosebumps and an occasional lump in the throat."

San Francisco Chronicle: "Shadow of Ashland weaves its own singular spell."

The Atlanta Constitution: "Mysteries... shivers and yes... quite tangible tugs at the heartstrings."

Calgary Herald: "passionate and haunting... (a) ghostly yarn that will burrow into the soul."

The Edmonton Journal: "ranks as the most surprising book I've seen this year... Green's finest novel yet... it should gain Green the wider audience he so richly deserves."

Charles de Lint ("Books To Look For" in The Magazine of F& SF): "Green pens moments of such pristine clarity, so perfectly describing a mood, or a detail, that the words seem to sing from the page."

Solaris (Jean-Louis Trudel): "Delicious... A round trip between the present and the past. Green recreates a tragic time with a poignant truth."

SF Site: "what delicacy of character, what warmth of style, what depth of feeling for family, whatta writer."

Publishers Weekly: "wonderfully imagined and poetically told... a remarkably affecting literary work."

 The Globe and Mail:  "thoughtful, quick-paced... a mystery, a sensitive portrait... a study of family and other relationships."

 The Danforth Review: "as timeless as any fiction can be... Green takes his readers to kingdoms full of magic."

Entertainment Weekly: "THE BOOK YOU HAVE TO READ... This novel reminds me of W.P. Kinsella's Shoeless Joe -- it's got that same sense of wonder, gentle implausibility, and deep insight into the human condition... A true gem."

The New York Times: "redemption, resolution and homecoming... a deceptive novel... filled with extraordinary events. Shadow of Ashland succeeds."


* Optioned 6 times for Feature Film
* Required Reading, English Department, University of Toronto (ENG 237)
*  Recommended Reading, Writing Program, The University of Western Ontario (WRITING 2211)
* Available in Polish translation, as well as from both the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind)
     and the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (Library of Congress, Washington)
     as a "talking book"
* Broadcast as a single-voice Reading on CBC Radio's  Between the Covers
    ( ten 15-minute episodes daily, Fall, 2002)
  Producer: Dagmar Kaffanke-Nunn
    Reader: Michael Hogan

For Behind the Scenes information regarding the COVERS of
Shadow of Ashland and
A Witness to Life


Blue Limbo
(Tor Books, NY, 1997)
hardcover, 1st edition:              (Cdn Distributor:
$US22.95                            H.B. Fenn & Co. Ltd)

mass market paperback (1998):



See Phoenix Pick 2009 reissue, above

Blue Limbo
The Toronto Star: "a chilling picture of Toronto in the not too distant future."

Publishers Weekly: "explosively paced... it's definitely long on readability."

The Globe & Mail: "The character of Mitch Helwig is capable of carrying the story on his own."

Charles de Lint in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: "enough angst and dark soul-searching to do James Ellroy proud."

Locus: "gripping SF thriller/police procedural... a Wambaugh-style portrait."

The Edmonton Journal: "solid entertainment, with more than a bit of heart."

SF Site: "achingly beautiful prose... elegant... made me gasp in astonishment and gulp in throat-clearing sadness."


For Behind the Scenes details regarding the COVER of Blue Limbo


Children of the Rainbow
(McClelland & Stewart, Canada, 1992)
trade paperback:
           Aurora Award Finalist


Children of the Rainbow
Charles de Lint in The Ottawa Citizen: "its thematic thrust is universal... invigorating and convincing."

Quill & Quire: "a compelling novel... enjoyable and stimulating."

Canadian Book Review Annual: "a glorious mix of time, space, and philosophies."

The Edmonton Journal: "dramatic and exciting... never quite stops to catch its breath."

Fredericton Daily: "I was left breathless... beautiful and powerful."

Books in Canada: "gracefully and authoritatively written... the book touches brilliance."

Children of the Rainbow is out of print. Autographed Copies are available, though, by contacting the author via E-Mail (above). 

Barking Dogs
(St. Martin's Press, NY, 1988)
hardcover, 1st edition:
           Aurora Award Finalist

       See Phoenix Pick 2010 reissue, above

Barking Dogs
The Globe & Mail: "weird and... wonderful... good enough to keep the reader riveted to the last paragraph."

Douglas Barbour in The Toronto Star: "verve and energy... gritty realism... thoroughly entertaining."

San Francisco Chronicle: "lingers long in the memory... an auspicious novel-length debut."

Publishers Weekly: "likable, beleaguered characters."

Locus: "Not to be missed... a real page-turner."

Orson Scott Card in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: "Green is such an honest and perceptive writer, the book transcends its material."


The Woman Who is
   the Midnight Wind
(Pottersfield Press, Canada, 1987)
Collects the stories
Ashland, Kentucky, Barking Dogs, Legacy, The Woman Who is the Midnight Wind, 
Room 1786, Japanese Tea, SusieQ2,
Till Death Do Us Part, Point Zero, Of Children in the Foliage
The Woman Who is the Midnight Wind
The Ottawa Citizen: "an inspiring read... It reaches out to touch your heart, mind and soul. Highly recommended."

Orson Scott Card in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: "Terence Green's first collection is a milestone for all of us."

Canadian Literature: "ingenious and intelligent fantasies... his ultimate subjects are the imponderables of human morality."

SF Chronicle: "masterful understatement... extraordinary... indicates a great talent."

SF Site: "one of the best collections of the eighties."

The National Library of Canada: "shifts of time, futuristic technology and alien cultures open the door for Terence Green's specialty -- the study of relationships, particularly those between parents and children."

Books in Canada: "(Green's) new collection of short stories is simply good fiction."


For Behind the Scenes details regarding the COVERof 
The Woman Who is the Midnight Wind


TERENCE M. GREEN has given readings and talks at venues throughout Canada, the USA & England,
had both long and short fiction broadcast on CBC Radio (over 400 stations nation-wide),
guest lectured at places as diverse as the University of Toronto,
McMaster University, the University of Oklahoma,
Ashland Community College (Kentucky), and worked on creative projects with
The National Library of Canada, The Ontario Science Centre, etc.
A 2-Time World Fantasy Award Finalist and a 5-Time Aurora Award Finalist,
he has been the subject of numerous radio, television, internet and print profiles and interviews.

 From 1968 to 1999, he taught English in Ontario secondary schools,
primarily at East York Collegiate Institute (Toronto), where he served 2 separate terms
as Assistant Head of the English Department.

From September, 2003, until April, 2004, he was
Writer-in-Residence at Mohawk College (Hamilton, Ontario).

In September, 2005, he joined the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
as a lecturer in the Department of English and Writing Studies
at Western University
where he has taught, created and developed the courses
WRITING 2211F/G: "Fundamentals of Creative Writing"
WRITING 2218F: "Creative Writing: The Short Story"
WRITING 2293G: "Advanced Ficton Writing."
WRITING 2293G: "Writing Fantasy Fiction"
WRITING 1000G: "The Writer's Studio"

(Click HERE for Interview, June, 2000).

His published shorter work has appeared in dozens of magazines, newspapers, journals and anthologies.
(Click HERE for more detailed bibliography of shorter work).









BCTV News, WDTN News, CTV's Dini, Weekend, TVO's Prisoners of Gravity, Bestsellers
Books in Canada, The Edmonton Journal, The Kingston-Whig Standard, Everybody's News (Cincinnati)



And For Lots of 
Behind the Scenes


A Witness to Life | Blue Limbo | Shadow of Ashland | Children of the Rainbow
Barking Dogs | The Woman Who is the Midnight Wind
St. Patrick's Bed


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